Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to my place!

Hi, and welcome to My Blog. It’s purpose is to help vehicle owners get answers to their questions and clear up any confusion they may have concerning service that they may need. But first, I'd like to start with a little about us. We are a family run business and we are also a Napa Auto Care center. We offer a nationwide warranty. What sets us apart from other automotive shops? There are several things. The first is customer service. We know people have a choice where they go for service and we highly value that. We adhere to the highest industry standards both out in the shop and in the front office. Our goal is to service and repair vehicles properly and to the highest quality standards the first time, every time! Part of that is making sure our customers understand everything that we do. That's just one area where our staff excels, resulting in happy customers who know that they are getting the best value possible anywhere! We inspect every vehicle that comes into our shop for service. These inspections are performed by Master Technicians who know your vehicle. Though we always service your vehicle in a timely manner and try to accommodate your schedule whenever we can, we never cut corners to try to save time or money. Experience has shown that doing it right the first time, using the best quality parts available, always saves both time and money in the long run.
Now you have the opportunity to pick my brain or just to ask for my opinion of things automotive. You ask the questions and we'll do our best to give you answers that you can understand, in plain English. The ball is in your court now, ask away.

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